Le Concept Cadèle

Building bridges between perfumery, crystal healing & jewelry

Our brand brings two worlds together – high-end perfumery and crystal healing (lithotherapy), the art of harnessing the energy of gemstones.

Lithotherapy - The Art of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing lends itself particularly well to perfumery. The energies of the gemstones start to infuse the juices as soon as they are placed in alcohol during the production process, imbuing them with that je ne sais quoi that makes them unique.

The Creator

Laura Girard, our founder, has a fascination for both high-end fragrances & lithotherapy, the art of crystal healing.
She has always wanted to find a way to bring these different worlds together in a premium holistic approach to beauty. Although they seem paradoxical at first, when combined they form a wonderful fusion that gives rise to the uniqueness of the brand concept.
And so Cadèle was born.