For a unique Perfume

Cadèle’s founder Laura has been fascinated by precious and semi-precious gemstones since a very young age. She began to take a closer interest in them and use them on a daily basis in 2018, after walking past a crystal shop. Upon seeing their benefits, she developed a real passion for them. She then decided to undergo training in lithotherapy to professionalize her approach and bolster her knowledge of the field.

Crystal healing lends itself particularly well to perfumery. The energies of the gemstones start to infuse the juices as soon as they are placed in alcohol during the production process, imbuing them with that je ne sais quoi that makes them unique.

Two types of stones have been specifically chosen to work synergistically with each of our fragrances. This gives them energetic benefits in addition to their delightful scents. Depending on the chosen stone and its fusion with the ingredients of the fragrance formula, they can help to calm your mind, boost joie de vivre, and more.