Citrine is a sunny gemstone that stands for positivity and is thought to boost joie de vivre and raise our spirits. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which houses the emotions, and is known for restoring energy and fostering enthusiasm. Like a warming sunray delightfully falling across the skin, citrine is said to boost morale and radiate its warm light.

Orange calcite is also a very joyful and friendly stone. Like citrine, it is said to have the ability to awaken our inner light and help us think positively. Connected to both the second and third chakras, it is thought to rekindle our deep desires and aspirations and stimulate our creativity. In doing so it helps us to take action in a joyful and positive frame of mind.

The combination of citrine and orange calcite creates a charming cocktail of warmth and joie de vivre – indulge at your leisure.

When brought together, these stones present a spectrum of complementary joyful and stimulating energies