White topaz is thought to be a highly spiritual stone. Gentle yet powerful, it is said to stimulate all the upper chakras. It is known for encouraging intuition, concentration, and the development of extrasensory abilities and helping to restore mental clarity. It is the ideal gemstone for dreamers.

Clear quartz is the unquestionable queen of all the stones used in crystal healing given the number of benefits attributed to it. They include the development of intuition, self-confidence, and well-being. It is said to restore clarity, in our ideas, in our lives, and in our entire being.

It is simultaneously an energy emitter, receiver and amplifier.

Therein lies its main asset: it is thought to amplify the energies, and therefore the benefits, of any other gemstone it is combined with.

White topaz and clear quartz form a dynamic duo to stimulate your intuition and to gently and tenderly reveal your authentic self. This very ethereal synergy makes a wonderful match for romantic and sensual women who love to dream.