Laura Girard is the founder of Cadèle. She has a fascination for high-end fragrances & cosmetics and is a beauty influencer. After earning her Masters in communication, she soon realized that she wanted to chase her passion since childhood. She started by creating a blog to share her love for the topic, which turned into her full-time job.

Ever the dreamer, she developed a voracious appetite for the dreamlike world of high perfumery over the course of her collaborations with many brands. She has also been fascinated since a young age by anything to do with energies and spirituality, particularly gemstones and crystals. In addition, she has always wanted to find a way to bring these different worlds together in a premium holistic approach to beauty.

After undergoing training in lithotherapy, she set her heart on creating a meaningful project.

So it was only natural for her to bring her greatest passions together. Although they seem paradoxical at first, when combined they form a wonderful fusion that gives rise to the uniqueness of the brand concept.

And so Cadèle was born.