The Cadèle Concept

Our brand brings two worlds together – high-end perfumery and crystal healing (lithotherapy), the art of harnessing the energy of gemstones.

We take a holistic approach to fragrances and beauty in general. We believe that it is essential to consider human beings as a whole in a way that encompasses every facet of their being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This mindset allows us to obtain optimal sensory results and effectiveness when formulating our products.

As a result, our fragrances offer multidimensional benefits:

Physically, first and foremost, with their unique olfactory signature. But also on a more ethereal plane through the energetic properties of the stones.

Building bridges between jewelry, crystal healing & perfumery

As keen aesthetes, we are committed to combining aesthetics with the energetic realm of crystal healing.

Our main ambition is to enhance the stone, the core component of our concept and our fragrance formulas, fusing ingredients to produce a precious "gem".

A polished and faceted stone, rigorously selected according to its energetic properties, can be found inside every bottle.

Like jewelry presented in a showcase, this bottle is intended to be a true delight to use and behold.

Once the juice is finished, it is ready to be transformed.

The owner can detach the neck of the bottle (using universal pliers), to retrieve their treasured jewel, just waiting to be metamorphosed into jewelry or whatever their heart desires. The only limit is their imagination.